Lean Tool & Die Making is Our Passion

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Engineering & Design

Sheet Metal Formability
G Corp has access to a large amount of formability engineering talent among its affiliates and partners. They all understand your need for top-notch, affordable, fast response.

Die Engineering and Processing
Blank development and nesting, progressive die and transfer die station layouts, tandem press and transfer press processing are readily handled quickly and economically for you. Mark-or-buy scenarios and many types of feasibility and financial models can be created as well.

Structural Analysis
Our engineering capabilities cover the gamut, from FEA for sheet metal parts and assemblies to die and mold structural integrity and mass reduction for material savings. All major software is available and results can be presented in your choice of formats.

Tool and Die Design
We can supply die designs for virtually any type of die, blank, draw, trim, form, progressive, transfer, hydroforming, … you name it, we can get it done. The work is done locally -- and in English.

Applying NUMMI's concepts to tool and die making

Lean Kaizen Excel templates - free downloads