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Lean Tool and Die Making
Our continuing development of G Corp's proprietary Die Factory System (DFS) has resulted in a total system methodology for diemakers and moldmakers to utilize in all aspects of their operations, including obtaining the RFQ, cost estimating, obtaining order and entry into a manufacturing system.

Scheduling and tracking of job progress, engineering, design, material ordering and delivery from reliable suppliers get the project off to a fast start. Receiving of raw materials, patterns, castings and components, optimized machining processes prepares the job for minimal handwork before assembly. We assist in tryouts, adjustments, sample runoffs, and final buyoff and shipping.

We also aid clients with accounts receivable collection and tryout in the customers' home press line and obtain feedback after initial production runs. These steps are all performed in a Lean process which affords the client a high quality, low cost and very short delivery. Typical domestic costs can usually be slashed by 25 to 50 percent, and delivery times are cut by as much as 75 percent. Results of this proper application of Lean principles to the tool and die industry enable shops to reduce costs competitive with shops in low labor cost countries and much shorter delivery times. It is well worth your time to investigate the possibilities for your operation.

All of this effort takes the total system approach of G Corp's DFS, along with a significant amount of time to custom-develop, because each shop's equipment, plant layout, personnel, size and product family types is unique. Customization can be done in a short time and a few, well-chosen targets generate a substantial initial bottom line impact, large enough to fund the entire cost of installing the DFS.

Manufacturers' Representatives
G Corp can bring all the extensive resources of our partners and affiliates to you in an organized, reliable and trustworthy manner. If you can't find what you are looking for here, please give us a call. We'll be glad to be of service.

Seminars and Webinars
Have developed and offer the following workshops, seminars and courses on tool & die, stamping, shop and plant management, and manufacturing process topics in conjunction with various organizations:
* Lean Tool & Die Solutions SME (Fabtech - November, 2007)
* Introduction to iT! (ideal Toolbox) G Corp.
* Building Dies With Less - Precision Metalforming Association (PMA)
* Lean Methods Applied To Die Making - SME
* Value Stream Mapping for the Tool & Die Shop, SME
* Production Principles for the Tool & Die Industry, - SME
* Stamping Estimating
* Stamping Process Planning
* Six Sigma Considerations for the Tool & Die Making Arena, - SME
We have designed custom programs for small and large firms to suit special needs, presented on or off site.

Expert Witness
Our consultants serve attorneys, accountants, appraisers, machinery dealers and other professionals in forensic matters, plant and equipment evaluations and appraisals, new and used equipment recommendations and acquisitions, and a variety of other services.
Our success rate is very high. Up to this point we have satisfied each client's requirement and ended with a favorable outcome.

G Corp has assisted attorneys for plaintiffs and defendants in preparing for trial or settlement negotiations. Clients have included a major press manufacturer, and automotive OEM, small and large tool and die shops and stampers.

Applying NUMMI's concepts to tool and die making

Lean Kaizen Excel templates - free downloads